Deblurring Demos for BBTools

Deblurring is a classical ill-conditioned problem. The demos here show how BBTools can be used for such problems in quite general cases.

The demos shows a typical order of problem-solving with BBTools:

We feel that the ratio of the time spent modelling the problem and solving it is a good measure of the quality of the tools at hand.

Note: deblurring is so important that a number of specialized algorithms have been developed. Some of these are available from the image processing toolbox from Mathworks. BBTools will not usually be competitive for problems that benefits from the attention of an entire field of research.

Nevertheless, we feel that image deblurring is a good for illustration of the capabilities of BBTools. Also, it demonstrates how easy it is to work with black-box operators. Finally, no discussion of iterative solvers would be complete without including an example of image deblurring.