This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbconvn   Create a convoluting blackbox operator.
   [BB,DIM2]=bbconvn(DIM1,K) creates a black-box operator that convolves
   a hypercube of dimensions DIM1 with the kernel K. The hypercube is
   represented as a column vector.

   The kernel K must have as many dimensions as the length of DIM1. The
   resulting hypercube has the dimensions given by DIM2. Several kernels
   of high quality is available using bbkernel.

   [BB,DIM2]=bbconvn(DIM1,K,S) controls the output size:
      'full'   - (default) returns the full N-D convolution:
      'same'   - returns the central part of the convolution:
      'valid'  - returns only the part of the result that can be
                 computed without assuming the input is zero-padded:

   Example: Create an operator which applies a Gaussian filter to a
   100-by-100 image, producing an image of the same size.

   See also bbkernel, .