This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbredim   Create a redimensioning blackbox operator.
   [BB,DIM2]=bbredim(DIM1,OFF) creates an M-by-N black-box operator
   that changes the dimensions of a hypercube represented as a column

   For images (i.e. 2D "hypercube"), bbredim acts like both a crop-
   and resize-operation in an ordinary imaging-program.

   The dimension of the input hypercube is given by DIM1
   while the output dimensions is returned in DIM2.

   OFF is either a row-vector containing the new dimensions or
   a two-row matrix with the first and last elements to retain
   in each input dimension.

   bbredim pretends that the input hypercube is embedded in zeros.
   Therefore it is legal to specify a range such as -5:20, even
   when the input-range is 1:10.


   The dimension of the resulting hypercube is DIM2=[26,7,1]
   because they represent the ranges -5:20, 4:10, and 6:6.

   The operator have the dimensions N=10*10*10=1000 and

   See also bbflipdim, bbindex.