Future Directions

The Black-Box Toolbox is in an early stage of development. There is plenty of room for improvements and added functionality. There are also some improvements that should be made to its internal infrastructure.

Missing Functionality

The base functionality of the toolbox is completed. This by no means imply that the functionality can not be expanded, just that it is sufficiently complete to be useful for a number of problems.

In particular, BBTools is well equiped to handle the kind of problems most concerning the author. However, anyone who would like to expand it to care for the problems they are dealing with is encouraged to chip in by donating code.

As such, the main current deficiency is the documentation, which is sorely missing. The plan is to improve this gradually over several releases.

The functionality most needed by BBTools is a good library of standard operators. If someone is ready to create a good implementation of a general operator, e.g. a block-Topelitz operator, this kind of work would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully a number of such operators will emerge, as BBTools starts to mature.


Currently, the toolbox includes precompiled versions for the following platforms:

At least the following platforms should also be supported in the future:

General Long-Term Tasks

Internal Improvements





Black-Box Operators