Compiling mex-functions

It is a goal for the toolbox to contain precompiled mex-functions for most platforms. However, in the early stages this may not be the case and you will have to compile them yourself. Also, if you want to mess around and make changes to the software, you may need to recompile these files.

The mex-functions are compiled from the MATLAB prompt from an installaton package. If you have not used the compiler previously you may have to configure it by executing mex -setup from the prompt.

On a supported platform you should change to the directory $bbroot/devel/mexsrc in the installation package and execute makemex, which should compile the necessary files. Then run testmex for a sanity check; the resulting differences should all be close to zero. If this step is successful, you may copy the files using copymex.

On platforms, that are not supported yet, you will need to edit the file makemex.m. It would be nice if you submitted your changes for a new working platform.