This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbcountreset  Reset all counters in a black-box operator.
   If you have created a black-box operator with bbcount
   you may wish to reset all counters to zero. This is
   accomplished by bbcount.

   All counters will be reset, not just the top-counter.

   Example: this example reveals how many multiplications
   bbtauest performs, and show that a Kronecker product
   requires each sub-operator to be applied a large number of

     >> bb=bbcount(bbkron(bbcount(rand(10)),rand(50)));
     >> tau=bbtauest(bb);
     >> bb
     bb =
        counter 500x500 (Calls: 30, Mat-vec. products: 30)
        > kron 500x500
          > counter 10x10 (Calls: 30, Mat-vec. products: 1500)
          | > matrix 10x10
          > matrix 50x50

   We can now reset the counter.
     >> bbcountreset(bb); bb
     bb =
        counter 500x500
        > kron 500x500
          > counter 10x10
          | > matrix 10x10
          > matrix 50x50

   See also bbcount.