This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbcountstat  Get status of a bbcount object.
   S=bbcountstat(BB), where BB was created by bbcount, returns the number
   of computations BB was involved in.

   The struct S contains the following fields:
     S.fmm:  Number of matrix-matrix products (BB*A)
     S.fmv:  Number of equivalent matrix-vector products (BB*a1, BB*a2)
     S.fHmm: As fmm, but for the adjoint operator (BB'*A)
     S.fHmv: As fmv, but for the adjoint (BB'*a1, BB'*a2)   Total matrix-matrix products, fmm+fHmm   Total matrix-vector products, fmv+fHmv

   Usually is a good measure of the computational effort, while (never larger than one) may indicate if an algorithm uses
   blocking (small values gives better blocking).

   It is possible to add items to the parcel used by BB (see e.g. bbsvds).
   The contents of these can be retrieved using the form:

   The base-counter is called 'count', so S=bbcountstat(BB,'count') is
   the same as S=bbcountstat(BB). To implement new counters, you need
   to manipulate the parcel directly. The parcel can be retrieved by

   See also bbcount, bbcountreset, bbclear, bbparcel, bbsvds.