Start online documentation for the black-box toolbox.


bbdoc -home
bbdoc file
bbdoc file -browser
bbdoc file -net


bbdoc can be used to access the online documentation, even if BBTools is uninstalled. Normally, the documentation is accessed from the help-browser in Matlab, but this requires that the toolbox is installed and Java is enabled.

The name of a file containing the documentation can be given as an argument. However, pages that do not describe functions are not guaranteed to have a particular filename.

The option -browser causes the document to be opened in the system webbrowser instead of the help-browser. This is also the case if Java is disabled.

With -net the page is loaded from the Internet rather than the local copy.

The option '-home' must be the only given parameter, and opens the homepage of BBTools in the system browser.

You can avoid using bbdoc by installing BBTools. This is most easily accomplished with bbinstall.

If Java is disabled, the documentation will be shown in the regular web-browser.


bbdoc blackbox
bbdoc bbinstall -browser

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