Install or maintain the black-box toolbox.


bbinstall -install
bbinstall -upgrade
bbinstall -checkupgrade
bbinstall -download
bbinstall -remove

If bbinstall is started without any arguments it will present a menu. This is skipped if a legal choice is provided at the command line. You can also use the first letter as a short-hand, i.e. bbinstall -i instead of bbinstall -install.


bbinstall is a graphical tool to install and maintain the toolbox. This is particularly convenient in the early stages, where upgrades are expected to be relatively frequent. If you have enabled Java, the tool can automatically download and install the most recent version. Please see the Installation page for details.

Note that both -install and -upgrade attempts to upgrade a prevously installed package. The difference is that -install works from a manually downloaded installation package, whereas -upgrade always tries to download the most recent toolbox from the net.

The idea is that people can install the toolbox from a downloaded package, and keep it up-to-date using upgrades.

NOTE: maintaining the package under UNIX requires write-permissions in the MATLAB root directory. In practice this means you will need to run MATLAB as a superuser. If this is not possible, you may instead add the package directory to your path using bbsetpath which is found in the installation package. However, you will need to use the command bbdoc to see the documentation and BBTools will not be integrated in the Matlab environment.

If your version of the toolbox is broken, please uninstall and then install.