Obtaining the Toolbox

You can download the package from the Toolbox Homepage. It is available as a ZIP-archive, which you may unpack and run. (ZIP was chosen because it is supported by Matlab.)

As an alternative, you can download the function bbinstall which runs from the MATLAB prompt. This function can download the latest version of the toolbox for you (provided Java is enabled).

Installing the Toolbox

The easiest way to install the toolbox is to use bbinstall, which allows you to install, remove, upgrade, and download the most recent version of the package.

Screen-shot of the installation utility

The installation-utility bbinstall on a Microsoft Windows platform.

NOTE: maintaining the package under UNIX requires write-permissions in the MATLAB root directory. In practice this means you will need to run MATLAB as a superuser. If this is not possible, you may instead add the package directory to your path using bbsetpath which is found in the installation package. However, you will need to use the command bbdoc to see the documentation and BBTools will not be integrated in the Matlab environment.

You may also install the toolbox manually. In the unfortunate case where your platform is unsupported, you must also compile the mex-functions.

Evaluating without installation

An installation is required to integrate the toolbox in the Matlab environment. This will put the documentation directly into the help-browser, and enable things such as using the index. Without the integration you must use bbdoc to access the documentation, and generally BBTools will be less natural to use. (The limitations are more severe in Matlab 6.5 than Matlab 7).

It is nevertheless possible to use BBTools without any installation. The simplest way to evaluate it is change to the toolbox directory and run the command:


This will make the functions in the toolbox available. To view the online documentation run the command:


This will bring up the documentation which is available in the help-browser after the installation. You may also run the demonstration programs by executing: