This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbqualify  Add a string to qualify an operator.
   BB=bbqualify(BB,Q) adds the string Q as a qualifier to BB.
   A qualifier is a string, which is shown under various circumstances,
   and can make it easier to understand an operator. It does not have
   any other function.

   Several qualifiers can be added as extra arguments. Furthermore, a
   qualifier may be given as a function of the black-box operator.

     >> bb=bbqualify(bbmatrix(rand(10)),'noise')
     bb =
        matrix 10x10 (noise)
     >> f=inline('sprintf(''m*n=%i'',prod(size(bb)))');
     >> bb=bbqualify(bb,f)
     bb =
        matrix 10x10 (noise, m*n=100)

   See also bbinspect, bbshowtree.