This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbshowtree  Plot a graphical representation of an evaluation tree.
   bbshowtree(BB) generates a tree showing how matrix-vector
   products are evaluated for a black-box operator. This is the same
   information shown by disp.

   You may pass extra arguments to the plotting figure. Apart from
   the usual parameters (e.g. 'color') the following parameters are
     'detail' 0: no text, 1: types, 2: qualifiers
     'pos'    Position of the root node (x and y)
     'scale'  Scale factors
     'parent' Handle to an axis object to plot the figure

   HDL=bbshowtree(BB) returns a struct with the handles to the axis,
   marks, lines, and text.

     c=(1:1500); r=(1:400);
     bb=bbeye(50)*bbconst(50,500)*[bbtoeplitz(c,r), eye(1500,100)]';

   See also .