This function is not yet fully documented. This is a transcript of the text-formatted help.

bbsimplify  Simplify a black-box operator.
   BB=bbsimplify(BB) applies some simplifying reductions to
   the black-box operator BB. The goal is to reduce the number
   of function evaluations when the matrix-products are

   When normal arithmetic rules are applied to black-box
   operators the result is a (mostly) binary parse tree.
   This is not the most efficient way to evaluate the function.

   Since a black-box operator can be almost anything, most of
   the code should be put where the operator is created. The field
   "simp" in the black-box operator can be used to create a
   simplification procedure:
   Here BB1 is the black-box operator and BB2 must be an equivalent
   operator. If DONE is false, then the optimization will be
   applied again on BB2.

   Note: BBTools is not a package for symbolic computations.
   The reductions are simple and only a few common reductions
   are implemented.

   See also bbmult, bbfunc, bbfuncm, bbinline.