Functions - List of Categories

Getting started

bbdoc online documentation for the toolbox
bbinstall Install, uninstall, download, and upgrade

Elementary black-box operators

bbmatrix black-box from a Matlab matrix
bbinv black-box to invert a Matlab matrix
bbindex indexing black-box
bbeye identity black-box
bbdiag diagonal black-box
bbconst black-box with constant elements
bbzeros black-box of zeros
bbmean averaging black-box

Toeplitz and related operators

bbtoeplitz Toeplitz black-box
bbdbltoeplitz doubly Toeplitz black-box
bbblktoep1s sparse block-Toeplitz type-1 black-box
bbhankel Hankel black-box

Image- and hypercube operators

bbflipdim black-box that flips a specified dimension
bbpermute dimension-permuting black-box
bbredim redimensioning black-box
bbrescale rescaling black-box
bbconvn black-box for N-dimensional convolution

Tomographic operators

bbtomoemit black-box model of an emission tomograph
bbradon black-box for a Radon transform
bbfbp inverse of Radon using filtered backprojection

Miscellaneous operators

bbhadamard Hadamard black-box
bblaplacian a finite-difference Laplace operator

Black-box creation, manipulation, and destruction

blackbox black-box operator
bbclear a black-box without leaving garbage
bbqualify informational qualifier to a black-box
bbsimplify a black-box operator
bbinline and freeze a black-box operator
isa type of matrix operator

Black-box information and verification

bbinspect Utility to explore an evaluation tree
bbshowtree evaluation tree for a black-box
bbtauest accuracy of a black-box statistically
bbcompare two operators for equality

Tests and probes for iterative algorithms

bbnoisy a noisy version of an operator
bbcount black-box that counts invocations
bbcountstat count statistics
bbcountreset counts statistics

Explicit black-box versions of standard functions

bbadd a number of operators
bbprod a product of operators and scalars
bbkron Kronecker-product of two operators
bbrepmat and tile an operator


bbrand random samples from a given distribution
bbpca Component Analysis
bbempoisson linear system with Poisson noise

Miscellaneous support functions

bbkernel a standard convolutional kernel
bbphantom a standard test-image
bbimagein intensity-image with gamma-correction

Computing with black-box operators

bbmult black-box with a matrix
bbmultq evaluation of product (no checks)
bbmultqh evaluation of adjoint product (no checks)
bbfunc functions for matrix-vector products
bbfuncm functions for matrix-matrix products

Equation solving and regularization

bbpresolve iterative solution of a linear system
bbsolve a solution of a linear system
bbregsolve a regularized solution of a linear system
bbsolveopt options for solving a linear system
bbsolvemem memory usage for solving a linear system
bblcurve L-curve and estimate regularization parameter

SVD computations

bbsvds singular values/triplets of an operator
bbsvdf singular triplets of an operator with call-back
bbsvdopt options for computing an SVD
bbsvdmem memory usage for an SVD computation

Internal parcel mechanism

bbparcel a parcel for pass-by-reference
bbwrap variables into a parcel
bbunwrap variables out from a parcel
bbpeek a copy of a variable in a parcel
bbship a parcel into a struct